TelevisitMD® Connect+ RPM Overview

TelevisitMD® Connect+ RPM assists your practice in expanding access to and improving the quality of healthcare. Using TelevisitMD® Connect+ can reduce or minimize challenges and burdens patients encounter, such as transportation issues related to travel for specialty care. Connect+ can also improve monitoring, timeliness, and communications within the healthcare system and assist in expanding and more effectively and efficiently maintaining our providers’ practice.

TelevisitMD® Care Coordination Team works shoulder-to-shoulder with you, we outline current processes and create new operational efficiencies that are essential for your practice to be successful. You have access to one of our Practice Consultants to work with you in developing a workflow, including the implementation of our Connect+ into your practice. This implementation of the TelevisitMD® Connect+ into your practice enables:

  • Early Intervention to detect deterioration and intervene before unscheduled and preventable services are needed.
  • Integration of Care with the exchange of data and communication across multiple comorbidities, multiple providers, and complex disease states.
  • Coaching for motivational interviewing and other techniques to encourage patient behavioral change and self-care.
  • Increased Trust provides patients satisfaction and feelings of “connectedness” with providers.
  • Workforce Changes take your practice virtual shifts to lower-cost and more plentiful healthcare workers, including medical assistants, community health workers, and social workers.
  • Increased Productivity by decreased home visit travel time and automated documentation


Some of the many effective healthcare services and programs administered made possible through TelevisitMD® Connect+ include:

  • Remote patient monitoring (RPM) can be used to reach and monitor patients from the comfort of their homes.
  • E-visits make communications possible that are not in-person with their provider and may be initiated by the patient or the provider; patients are able to receive, and providers to conduct, the consultation(s) remotely from the comfort of their home, office, or while traveling. Patients are able to initiate an appointment with a provider through their TelelvisitMD Connect+ device and can occur synchronously or asynchronously.
  • Chronic care management interventions using telehealth provide patients with access to integrated care during their virtual primary care visits.
  • Provider-to-Provider allows rural primary care providers and specialist providers to work as a team to share knowledge and manage patient care. E-Consults are an asynchronous provider-to-provider model.
  • Access to Urgent Care providers in real time for evaluations and non-emergency consults with local providers.
  • Home monitoring with TelevisitMD® Connect+ can engage patients in their homes between medical visits by helping them effectively manage their conditions and allows providers the ability to monitor their patient’s vitals via their TelevisitMD® Connect+ portal. Using the TelevisitMD® Connect+ increases the daily patient visits and minimizes unnecessary office visits with patients for basic follow-ups.
  • Long-term care services offered through TelevisitMD® Connect+ can bring specialized care to elderly patients.
  • Online therapy and remote counseling are made possible using the TelevisitMD® Connect+, which enables the patient-provider connection to conduct secure audio, and/or video consultations.
  • Telepharmacy extends access to pharmacy services, including medications and medication counseling, and enables medication reminders on the patient’s TelevisitMD® Connect+.
  • Electronic communications connect providers working in rural areas to create practice while having access to the TelevisitMD® Care Coordination Team that can assist with patient care.
  • Healthcare providers’ use of TelevisitMD® Connect+ can improve communications with patients and other providers.
  • Interpreter services can be integrated and transmitted on-demand through audio and/or visual connections within the TelevisitMD® Connect+ for patients who speak limited or no English.

Benefits the TelevisitMD® Connect+ gives both our providers and patients include:

Reduces staffing costs.

Increases profits

Increased access to specialists

Decreased transportation costs.

Minimizes lost wages.

Provides timely care.

Ensures patient comfort.

Reduces the need for transportation.

Improves patient outcomes.

Getting Started

TelevisitMD® Connect+ is shipped directly to your patients, integrated with TelevisitMD® SaaS EHR Platform for many chronic conditions, while ensuring a problem-free experience for any user, regardless of age or knowledge of technology.

  • Create The Order

    Upon determining medical necessity during a consultation,, you are able to create an order for your patients directly from your TelevisitMD® portal. Their name, address, contact, and medical information will automatically sync with TelevisitMD® Connect+. This will save you from resource-intensive, time-consuming, and duplicative data.

  • Configure The Device

    Depending on the treatment plan you have created for your patient, you will select the devices and care plan that will fulfill their treatment plan. Although Connect+ will monitor treatment-specific outcomes, your patients will be able to personalize their experience.

  • Device Setup

    TelevisitMD® Connect+ is pre-configured and shipped directly to your patients, and it works right out of the box. There is no app, pairing, WiFi, or setup required.

  TelevisitMD® Connect+ is designed to help providers rapidly identify which patients need medical attention in real time.

  • Receive Alerts

    You will be notified in near real-time when a patient’s out-of-range readings are taken. Alerts are also provided for complex logic, such as sudden weight gains.

  • Review Trends

    You will be able to review the trends in your patient’s health which will give you the opportunity to make any necessary adjustments to their treatment plan.

  • Security & Compliance

    Your TelevisitMD® Care Coordination Team will make sure that your patients and clinical staff stay in line with the minimum thresholds required to bill Medicare.

  • Management of Patient Caseload

    You will have the opportunity to organize your patients with groups or tags while using filters to focus on who needs your attention.

  TelevisitMD® Connect+ is designed to help providers rapidly identify which patients need medical attention in real time.

  • Record Timestamps

    TelevisitMD® Connect+ automatically keeps track of time spent monitoring and interacting with patients and meeting requirements to bill Medicare for RPM and Time Tracking.

  • Maintain Note Taking

    You are able to utilize pre-configured notes to speed up note-taking after handling follow-ups, alerts, and reviewing vitals. All of your interactions will sync with your TelevisitMD® portal and be included in a summary report.

  • Maximized Billing Services

    HHC® submits claims for your RPM reimbursement for CPT codes including 99091, 99453, 99454, 99457, and 99458, as well as CCM 99490 and 99491.