Endocrinology For Patients
TelevisitMD® Connect+ provides both providers and patients with enhanced individualized care and access to our Care Coordination Team which can help you reach the expected health goals. TelevisitMD® Connect+ provides you with the tools and support that help make managing diabetes simpler and less time-consuming.   TelevisitMD® Connect+ is a real-time monitoring service that helps you manage your patient’s health while away from your practice, or even while at your practice. The Connect+ device comes with its own network, so no Wi-Fi is needed in your patient’s home. The Connect+ allows you to monitor your patient’s blood pressure, weight, sleep habits, and other factors that influence their overall well-being. With Connect+, you can also adjust medications if needed, alert your patients of medication side effects, and provide them advice on how to stay healthy. TelevisitMD® Connect+ can be used for you to deliver diabetes education, management, and monitoring services. This may include:
  • Diabetes Self-Management – TelevisitMD® Connect+ can support diabetes self-management activities such as blood sugar (glucose) monitoring and tracking. For example, the self-management of type 2 diabetes. These interventions can improve communication. You will receive your patient’s data and be able to provide automated or tailored feedback for them to review.
  • Medication Adherence – Taking medications as prescribed is important for your patient’s diabetes management. TelevisitMD® Connect+ can help patients with diabetes to take their medications correctly and to receive medication reminders, at the correct dose and correct frequency, and even remember to fill prescriptions. Text messages are one way to improve medication adherence among your patients with chronic diseases.
  • Specialty Care Consultations – TelevisitMD® Connect+ can help your patients to connect with specialty care providers remotely. This helps your rural patients because they are no longer required to travel long distances. With
  • Connect+ video conferencing can be used to provide consultations. You may perform clinical assessments, review or order laboratory tests, adjust medications, or make other recommendations regarding clinical treatment plans.
  Identifying your opportunities using the TelevisitMD® Connect+ can help address the cost barriers of implementing treatment plans for your patients. It can also help broaden the range of services available to your patients. When using Connect+, it is also important to ensure your patients are comfortable with using the new device’s technology. You may want to make sure your patients who are less comfortable with using the Connect+ technology are able to obtain support from family, friends, or caregivers. Additionally, you should communicate the benefit of Connect+ to your patients and ensure that Connect+ meets their needs related to diabetes care and the specific treatment plans you have in place for them.