Connect+ Chronic Care Management

TelevisitMD Connect+® Enables Value-Based Care Success

TelevisitMD Connect+® can help your practice address specific performance areas that are relevant to value-based care. Below, we’ll review three of these, so you have a better sense of how exactly RPM can help you implement and transition to this new care model.


Improve Your Patient Engagement and Satisfaction

TelevisitMD Connect+® value-based care emphasizes creating a satisfying patient experience. We aim to provide a more transparent, valuable exchange in a world where almost everyone finds healthcare complicated and costly.

Patient engagement is important to value-based care because it can influence health outcomes, especially when it comes to preventive, as well as long-term care. You are able to involve their diet and exercise or disease screening, engaging your patient will cause them to be more likely to participate in their own preventive measures.

TelevisitMD Connect+® can help engage patients by aligning their attention to their vital signs. By emphasizing the daily collection of blood pressure or heart rate through a simple device, within seconds, you can focus your patient on their health, in real-time. Sustained participation in RPM can then help create an ongoing awareness of one’s well-being.

Increasing their awareness can help motivate your patients to engage with their preventive health services and make smarter lifestyle choices. Greater engagement can especially be of benefit to people living with chronic conditions, such as diabetes. This can have a real impact on their health outcomes, which can satisfy your patients.


Enable Better Patient Health

With TelevisitMD Connect+® your practice is more able to manage your patient’s chronic conditions by focusing on underlying indicators of health, such as blood pressure or blood glucose. The TelevisitMD Connect+® supports the continuous observation of these vital signs, which can help you track any changes in a condition’s severity as they happen.

TelevisitMD Connect+® enables you to isolate these vitals and capture trends over time, your practice can gain greater insight as to how such indicators influence your patient’s health. This can help you prescribe treatments or interventions to better manage the chronic condition in question. Real-time data collection also enables you to spot any emergency health issues your patient may be experiencing before they happen.

With the TelevisitMD Care Coordination platform to manage your patient’s TelevisitMD Connect+® device, we make it possible to set target ranges for specific vital signs. For example, if your patient’s heart rate is out of the desired range, an alert can be sent to them and your patient portal, giving you an opportunity to initiate an intervention. This will help reduce hospital admissions and emergency room visits.


We Maximize Your Clinical Efficiency

TelevisitMD Connect+® enables your practice to engage and treat a high volume of patients remotely. With monthly communications occurring via phone or your TelevisitMD Care Coordination platform, and the daily use of the TelevisitMD Connect+® device by your patients, your practice can regularly support a continuum of care, closing gaps in service and treatment, without overlying on any of your office visits. More importantly, TelevisitMD Connect+® does not require your time. Your medical team, such as your Nurse Practitioner, can perform nearly all of the tasks required for TelevisitMD Connect+® billing requirements. On average, a provider may be able to engage 100 to 250 patients per month.

The TelevisitMD Care Coordination platform can further streamline TelevisitMD Connect+® devices. Task automation, scheduling tools, and health data integration can increase your practice’s capacity and help reduce your workload, as well as simplify the data collection process.

TelevisitMD Connect+® reimbursements can help your practice establish a new source of revenue. This can help expand capacity in other areas or support the increase of new patients, walk-ins, and billables.