Optimizing Preventative Care Outcomes With TelevisitMD Connect+®

One of the most effective ways to optimize preventative care is with TelevisitMD Connect+®. Even though RPM is often considered a type of telehealth, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) has separate CPT codes for RPM and telehealth services, therefore, RPM is not subject to telehealth restrictions such as originating site requirements. This enables more of your patients to take advantage of RPM for use in their preventative care.


TelevisitMD Connect+® Benefits For Preventative Care

TelevisitMD Connect+® allows clinicians to provide better care for their patient’s in-between visits. Rather than waiting until the next appointment to address complications, you can utilize TelevisitMD Connect+® to detect complications from the start and prevent their progression.


TelevisitMD Connect+® is Covered by Medicare

Because your telehealth consultations and TelevisitMD Connect+® are covered by Medicare, preventative care can be provided at a minimal cost to patients. Medicare will reimburse you for the following RPM services:

  • Setting up the device and providing patient education (CPT 99453)
  • Supplying the device for daily recording or programmed alert transmissions (CPT 99454)
  • Reviewing data and interacting with the patient (CPT 99457 and 99458)


TelevisitMD Connect+® Expands Patient Access to Healthcare

TelevisitMD Connect+® does not have geographic location restrictions, which expands access to preventative care for chronic conditions, especially in rural areas. Any Medicare recipient can receive TelevisitMD Connect+® as long as the device can reasonably apply to treatment for the patient’s condition and your patients don’t have to worry about transportation to and from their appointments.


TelevisitMD Connect+® Increases Your Patient’s Engagement

TelevisitMD Connect+® expands healthcare outside of your practice and into the patient’s everyday life. It promotes your patients’ engagement by helping them feel supported in managing their conditions in between their visits.

Your patients will feel assured that you will be regularly monitoring their data and will be alerted if concerns arise, and they will be more likely to adhere to their treatment plans.

The TelevisitMD Connect+® is intuitive and user-friendly, so even individuals who do not have knowledge of technology can take their vital sign readings with ease. Focusing on better care in between their visits can motivate patients to regularly make healthier lifestyle decisions, which is key to their preventative care.


TelevisitMD Connect+® Enables Timely Treatment

TelevisitMD Connect+® enables you to receive automated alerts when your patient’s reading(s) is/are concerning. Reviewing complications as they arise enables you to focus on early treatment and minimize the advancement of chronic diseases and/or illnesses.

You are able to set thresholds to receive alerts so you will be notified when a patient’s reading is too high or low. This helps personalize care for each of your patients. TelevisitMD Connect+® uses cellular data, which enables readings to transmit in real time for your immediate access. Patients do not need to record their readings, and you can be assured that the measurements are accurate and adjust their treatment plans accordingly.


TelevisitMD Connect+® Collects Valuable Health Data

TelevisitMD Connect+® enables frequent vital sign measurements to identify red flags early and prompt necessary treatment. Measurements accumulate and provide you with a comprehensive health history for each of your patients. From this data, you can identify your patient’s trends and watch for any fluctuations.

Sometimes, forgetting to take medications or increased anxiety in your practice can cause a patient’s blood pressure to read higher than it normally is. Using TelevisitMD Connect+® blood pressure monitoring can help your patients relax, and the frequency of the measurements will provide a more accurate representation of your patient’s condition.


TelevisitMD Connect+® Minimizes Healthcare Costs For Patients & Provider

By shifting your patient’s focus from reactive care to preventative care they can better avoid costly trips to the emergency room and hospitalizations.

Advanced chronic conditions often require costly interventions and long-term hospital stays, and most chronic conditions are preventable by adopting healthier behaviors and can be treated when detected early enough. The earlier you are able to identify a patient’s complications, the more affordable they may be to treat.